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Architect Design provides the following services for your needs:

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Global Design Standards
  • Sustainability Design Studies

To get a feel of our projects, please see below:

Miles of single family housing

The house is located in an area that is 19 feet on the front, 15 feet on the rear and 32 feet in depth. It has 200 square meters and 22 meters semi-cubiertos. This is ideal for families with four children.

Home link with natural surroundings

This house was divided into five areas appropriate for different activities. There are different types of rooms: living room, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry and service areas. The stairs serve as the focal point of the entire house. It is designed for families with several children.

The luxurious residences of modern life

The house is located in Hampstead, London, an area with strict controls over the conservation of nature. The initial project was renovation which was converted into an entirely new construction. Building permit was delayed because of the strict rules on the conservation of the facade. For this reason, the outside of the house was tightly controlled and monitored while the inside is a display of modern architecture.

Wooden house

If you dream of a wooden house surrounded by nature, you would like one of the projects of Matthew O. Daby. This is the “Burke Residence” a construction that was created in 1950 that was acquired by the Burke family who hired the architect for the renovation. Houses retain its original form, except for a small extra up front, but only at the entrance. Removed interior walls to the family room, dining room and kitchen to create a large room that allow natural light.